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Flexible Chimney Liners
Super-Flex® Light

Rigid Chimney Liners
304-L Round & Oval
316-L Round & Oval
Cera Foil Thermal Insulation Blanket

Super Skin & Skin Clamps

Fittings & Components (round)
Storm Collars & Clamps
Rain Caps
Support Plates
Fireplace Re-line Baseplates

Fittings & Components (oval)
Storm Collars & Clamps
Rain Caps
Support Plates
Fireplace Re-line Baseplates
Nose Cones


Sleepy Hollow's Dampers
Lock-Top & Lock-Top II
Lyemance Top Sealing Damper
Energy Top and Energy Top Plus

Seal Tight Damper

Chimney Caps - Round
The Reverse Cone Cap
Rain and Enviro Class A Caps

Drip Cap
Super Turbine
Field Draft Inducer

Rain Caps -Square
Sleepy Hollow Punch Out

Chimney Fans


Chimney Housing
Sleepy Hollow Housing
R-Co Housing

Cleaning Tools & Equipment
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Sleepy Hollow Rattan Rods
Sleepy Hollow Earth Rods
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Installation Tools & Components
Super Winch
Screws & Fasteners
Hearth Stove Remover
Pro Shield
Cloths, Pads & Head Sock
Bits & Chuck Drivers
Super and Furnace Cement

Super Chamber Parge
Chimney Saver
Barometric Dampers
Key Dampers
Bacharach Meter
Masonary Blades

Stove Gasketing
Condar Air Supply Ventilator
Sheet Metal Tools
Rivet Gun & Rivets
Center Peak Super Platform
Super Mix and Perlite
Refractory Foam



The Energy Top Damper and Energy Top Plus Damper


The Energy Top saves energy! Install this to the flue of those fireplace chimneys & stop losing what the throat dampers do! As a greate alternative to the seal tight damper, just a pull on the handle (mounted on the interior of the fireplace wall) & it automatically opens to a pre-set height for maximum safety! Each damper kit includes a Lifetime Warranty, 50 ft cut to fit cable, fireplace bracket, cool touch spring handle, mounting adhesive & hardware. Do not use on chimneys serving vented gas logs.

Size Price
8" x 8" $241.46 add
8" x 17" $311.30 add
9" x 13" $247.50 add
13" x 13" $253.00 add
13" x 18" $325.50 add
18" x 18" $381.70 add
50' Cable $20.74 add
Harware Bag $39.00 add


Energy Top Plus Damper    

What's better than the Energy Top? The Energy Top + Cap = Energy Top Plus

Size Price
8" x 8" $391.96 add
8" x 17" $521.00 add
9" x 13" $410.72 add
13" x 13" $433.02 add
13" x 18" $512.52 add
18' x 18" $626.62 add
This top mount damper provides a better seal against invading animals, birds, and insects. Keep head and air conditioning in the house and protect the chimney interior from the ravages of weather related damages.        

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