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Every sweep should carry a set of Conductor rods. Trust us on this.

Sleepy Hollow Earth Rods
The choice of Master Sweeps worldwide. Sleepy Hollow’s Earth Rod™ combines just the right amount of rigidity and flexibility to cope with the most arduous chimney cleaning conditions to be found. Our rod material features a special poly matrix.

New design with oversized brass nut–screws together
like butter.
Lockfast joints cannot become unfastened accidentally, whatever the direction of rotation, no matter how difficult the conditions. Ideal when used with the Chim-Scan™ Video Inspection System. The Earth Rod™ Lockfast system is almost mandatory when sweeping corrugated stainless flue liners. The rotating flue brush is able to spin, brushing out the grooves a regular brush would miss. Early Chim-Scan™ inspections confirmed this problem.

2” diameter ultra flexible duct and stovepipe rod with a totally flush brass joint. This is the ultimate duct cleaning rod system available today. The Conductor™ features a 2” diameter special plastic poly composition. Rod joint construction is a unique screw and thumb lock brass design. Impossible to unlock and totally flush joints ensure smooth response in any duct configuration. Brush attachment is provided by a brass lockfast adaptor. Also a premier pellet flue rod.


The end fittings are of non-corroding solid brass construction. Oversized threads that assemble smoothly to the right and are flush fitting. This feature prevents damage to pre-fab metal chimneys and terra cotta flue tile joints–easily caused by sweeping with fiberglass rods with quick connect rod ends. Strong, lightweight, comfortable to handle and easy to keep clean, these rods are tough and versatile. The 36” rod length is considered ideal by most sweeps, allowing maximum maneuverability in small fireplaces and tight corners.


selecting a rod

3/4” Rod
Extremely flexible, glides through 90° bends, offsets, and through the breach when combined with a Woodstock™ Brush and Brass Clearing Wheel. Very effective to 21 feet. Use as a lead rod on 7/8”or1 1/8”Earth Rods™.
7/8” Rod
Heavier duty than 3/4”, the 7/8”
Earth Rod™ is ideal for bottom fireplace cleaning to reaches over 50 feet.
1 1/8” Rod
Super heavy duty construction for tall flues, large diameter flues and industrial work. Every sweep should have a set on the truck.


Universal Brass Ends

Brass Ends

3/4" x 36" $29.90 add $35.00 add
3/4" x 60" $47.70 add $55.00 add
7/8" x 36" $37.90 add $43.00 add
7/8" x 60" $58.00 add $65.00 add
1 1/8" x  36" $47.00 add n/a
1 1/8" x 60" n/a $79.00 add
1/2" x 72" Conductor Duct Rod $77.55 add
38" Rod Carry Case Plastic $154.29 add
38" Rod Carry Case SS $154.29 add
62" Rod Carry Case Plastic $234.15 add
62" Rod Carry Case SS $234.15 add