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Fireplace Restorations and Masonry
Heater Trades since 1978

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Flexible Chimney Liners

Super-Flex® Light


Rigid Chimney Liners
304-L Round & Oval
316-L Round & Oval
Cera Foil Thermal Insulation Blanket

Super Skin & Skin Clamps

Fittings & Components (round)
Storm Collars & Clamps
Rain Caps
Support Plates
Fireplace Re-line Baseplates

Fittings & Components (oval)
Storm Collars & Clamps
Rain Caps
Support Plates
Fireplace Re-line Baseplates
Nose Cones


Sleepy Hollow's Dampers
Lock-Top and Lock-Top II
Lyemance Top Sealing Damper
Energy Top and Energy Top Plus

Seal Tight Damper

Custom Chase Covers
Chase Covers

Chimney Caps - Round
The Reverse Cone Cap
Rain and Enviro Class A Caps
Drip Cap
Super Turbine
Field Draft Inducer

Rain Caps -Square
Sleepy Hollow Punch Out

Chimney Fans


Chimney Housing
Sleepy Hollow Housing

Cleaning Tools & Equipment
Ace Brushes
Sleepy's Woodstock Brushes
Sleepy's Disc Brushes
Eva's Chimney Brushes
Hammer Head
Sleepy Hollow Rattan Rods
Sleepy Hollow Earth Rods
Brass Adaptors
Cleaning Tools  I
Cleaning Tools  II
Cleaning Supplies I
Cleaning Supplies II
Cleaning Supplies III

Installation Tools & Components
Super Winch
Screws & Fasteners
Hearth Stove Remover
Pro Shield
Cloths, Pads & Head Sock
Bits & Chuck Drivers
Super and Furnace Cement

Super Chamber Parge
Chimney Saver
Barometric Dampers
Key Dampers
Bacharach Meter
Masonary Blades

Stove Gasketing
Condar Air Supply Ventilator
Sheet Metal Tools
Rivet Gun & Rivets
Center Peak Super Platform
Super Mix and Perlite
Refractory Foam


Welcome to the SLEEPY HOLLOW CHIMNEY SUPPLY ON-LINE store. We invite you to browse through our store and shop with confidence. In addition, we adhere to a strict privacy policy that means your information will not be shared, sold, or otherwise distributed, EVER !!
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  As the Winter Season kicks in Sleepy Hollow Chimney Supply again moves forward offering you new, exciting and innovative products for your home. On our website you will find a new flexible light weight smooth wall flue liner, Super Flow®, as revolutionary as our Super Flex® interlocked chimney liner was in 1980.
Already taking the market by storm, we predict that Super Flow® will be the standard in durability and performance existing corrugated liners cannot hope to match. Complementing this revolution, we offer our two part removable tee with snaps, enabling one person to install a liner, solo, saving labor and time. It is considered one of the greatest innovations in the industry in the past twenty years. Lastly, starting as an idea at Sleepy Hollow in 1987, the Bellfires® concept—applying a super safe and powerful wood burning firebox and Rumford smoke chamber, mating to existing Super Flex® CeraFoil® technology, has truly become a monster product that will add warmth, beauty and value to your home. Bellfires® is truly a product you will come to love, and rave about to your friends and neighbors. Sleepy Hollow name is synonymous with ingenious design, attention to detail and high-quality construction. We wish you a great year from everyone at Sleepy Hollow Chimney Supply.

Click HERE to read the press articles in our Bellfires® site.
Click HERE to read the Testing and Workshop Letters.
What's New?    

Copper Enviro


The Copper Sentinel

Sleepy Hollow, the first in the industry to offer a Super LED Drop Light: The Cliplight


The Cliplight


*Free Brush of choice with purchase
*Adapter M10 to 3/8 - $22.95

2 SIZES: 50x7mm

$545 with Free Shipping


$645 with Free Shipping


Viper Chimney Cleaning System

R-CO 18" X 18" Housings    
Galvanized Roof Flashing-1 1/4 - 1 1/2"
Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh    

Let Sleepy Hollow Restore/Upgrade your Maple Syrup Evaporator with Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication.

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The Bellfires® BCC 19

and Exquisite
Coalbrookdale Antique Surround

Esse Ironheart Cooker Stove

Custom Chase Covers

Soot Master
the only vacuum you'll
ever need
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Sleepy Hollow's Flexible
Chimney Liners

Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication


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